Jeff Pomeroy


Jeff has been in the lighting business since 1988, and founded Light New England in 2003. He started representing Visual Comfort in 2006. He spent 15 years on the distribution side of the lighting industry, where he gained valuable experience in purchasing, sales, residential lighting design, and as a manager and buyer.

What Jeff most enjoys in the lighting industry is the combination of function and design. He and his team offer customers superior service in lighting assistance and specification, handling a wide variety of customers spanning retail, interior designers, hospitality, and commercial lighting.

"I believe in follow through, servicing customers from the beginning to the end of a project. I stand behind every order that we receive."

Jeanne Pomeroy


Jeanne has been in the lighting business for 16 years, 9 with Light New England. She graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and post graduate work in Industrial Design. Being the Treasurer for our agency, Jeanne handles Office Management and has the skills to solve problems for many aspects of the company. She was attracted to the lighting business because it offered a chance to work in a world where technology meets art.

Darren Butler


Darren is our resident lighting technician, here to round out our fabulous team by assisting you with all of your technical needs. And we aren't talking about fixing your computer! Darren is available to come to your site to repair products and answer technical questions about said products.

He's all about repairing your light fixtures, and enjoying getting to come to your location to meet and interface with you, our loyal customers.

Flavia Oliveira

Sales Representative

Flavia joined Light New England as a Visual Comfort representative in January, 2015 with 10 years of lighting experience expanding from residential to commercial lighting, specification to energy management. Flavia has covered various facets of the lighting industry, giving her a deep knowledge of the importance of lighting in any project, regardless of scale. Her passion for lighting has taken her from one of Boston’s top lighting showrooms where she started her career as a lighting consultant to working as an account manager for the largest North American residential lighting manufacturer, focusing on national multi-family developers.

As comfortable on a construction site as she is in a design studio, from specification to budgeting, Flavia is passionate about the design process from concept to installation.

Flavia completed her undergraduate studies at Boston Architectural College - Design Studies program and was later certified by the American Lighting Association and LEED, Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design.

John Connolly

Sales Representative

John started out in the lighting business in the early 70s, working part time in a showroom in Waltham, Massachusetts. He voluntarily closed his own lighting showroom, which he owned and operated for over 20 years, to come to work for Light New England in 2011. Altogether, John has over 40 years of continuous experience in the lighting industry, spanning all aspects of retail lighting.

As a former lighting showroom owner, John has a unique and thorough understanding of the challenges faced by his customers in running a business. He ensures he is readily available and prompt in communicating with his customers, and is attentive and empathetic to their needs. His technical experience also enables him to resolve many problems that others may not.

"I'd like to think that I conduct my business professionally but with a side of friendly. I follow a planned schedule but am loose enough to adapt to things that come up and require attention. I'm hard working, organized and structured. I treat every customer, large, mid sized or small like they are my best customer. "

Ruth Wilcox

Sales Assistant

Ruth has been in the lighting business for 3 years, and joined the Light New England family in 2015. She has dedicated most of her career serving customers. She offers our customers the best customer services experience as possible with quick and knowledgeable responses to issues and questions. She was awarded the Customer Service Advocate Award from Visual Comfort 2014.